Thursday, April 12, 2012

Runner and Napkins

While shopping at Terrain a few weeks ago I saw these cute napkins that I thought I could recreate. I had a few friends with April birthdays so I whipped them up for their gift. Here are the steps I took...

The supplies: Fabric, a runner to trace, pins, scissors, fabric paint, painting sponge, stencils and sewing machine (not pictured). Also have a quote or something you would like to stencil on the runner/napkins.

I used an Ikea runner I had to trace the size runner I wanted to make. I pinned it to my fabric and just cut around easy!

After cutting my runner and napkins I folded over the edges and ironed them so it would be quicker and easier to sew.

Setting up my stencils. I used a small sponge to fill the stencils in with fabric paint.

After I was done with the painting I let them dry for a few hours and then folded them up and ironed the edges for a clean look.

The finished product/gift.

Ready to be gifted.

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