Friday, April 6, 2012

Favorite Four

Looking forward to this holiday weekend. Ben and I are hosting a large Easter dinner here on Sunday for friends in the area (a.k.a. our East Coast family:). I was lucky to get a free ham and friends are bringing side dishes and dessert...leaving me with the fun task of getting the table/decor favorite part.

This week's favorite four (clockwise from top left). 1-I absolutely 'LOVE' this new candle line at Target. The design and scents are fabulous! 2-Ben and I got an Easter package in the mail with these fun little chocolates. Yeah for packages. 3-We tried a local donut shop for the first time this week. It is a BIG deal here and now I see why. The flavors we tried were Smores', Grapefruit Brown Sugar, and Raspberry Balsamic...yum! 4-Yesterday was mani/pedi day at lucky am I!?!

Have a great holiday whether it is Easter, Passover or...

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