Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Baby #3's Room

We've got just over 3 weeks to go before we meet our baby boy...no more time to dilly daly I had to get his room done stat! I've had most everything for a while but I finally got it all organized and where it needed to be! After using the same adorable bedding from Land of Nod with the first 2 babies I need to switch things up for baby #3. (to see Evangeline's nursery click here) I went with the new Cloud Island sheets etc from Target...I had known I was going to do black and white all along so when I saw these I was sold. Ben is hoping I add a pop of color but so far I haven't found anything I am wanting to add so it is a pretty simple black and white room.

Here are some photos...enjoy! xoxo

Love these fun Minneapolis/St.Paul prints I got when Evangeline was born...check out her nursery here!

The cute pendants are from my baby shower.

Since the other kids are using the dresser and 2 closets in this room baby boy will use these 
black cloth boxes for his things.

Love these prints I found on Etsy!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Making Room for Baby

Now that we are home from our summer travels and ready to have baby #3 I am starting to nest...only 4 more weeks!  First up was getting Evangeline and Emmerich settled into their new room. We moved them into the playroom so things aren't completely different design wise but we did swap out the futon for bunk beds! The thing I am most excited about in their room is the darkening shades we hung a few days ago...we have definitely gotten an extra 45 minutes of sleep each morning...mom win!

Here are some pics of the room and the link to the Ikea bunk beds we used. Baby room pics coming soon! xoxo