Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy 5th Birthday Evangeline!

Happy Birthday to a sweet girl who made me a mommy 5 years ago! 
Time sure flies by are a few pics from our morning birthday celebration! xoxo

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Breakfast 2018

We had our annual Valentine's breakfast before leaving for work and school...
the kids look forward to this for days:) Here are a few pics...xoxo!

The kids spots...yogurt, treats, hot chocolate and juice. #sugaroverload

A large box of chocolates for Mommy:)

Loved filling the table with all of the Valentine's we've gotten and made.

Heart marshmallows for the hot chocolate!

Heart shaped french toast and sausage.

Evangeline was excited to find her to the baby!

Emmerich was excited about the yogurt and hot chocolate...his 2 favorites!

...and baby Escher loved the bright red/crinkly heart box of chocolates!

Trying to get the last few days out of my Christmas wreath:) #addahearttoit

The kids made these Valentine's crowns yesterday!

Blogging for you this morning while enjoying those chocolates! 
How many can I eat...?

Hope you have a great Valentine's Day! xoxo

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Emmerich Turns 3!

Yesterday we celebrated Emmerich's 3rd birthday! 
He wanted a train party so here is what we did to decorate...enjoy! xoxo

This color scheme was so fun and bright for a little boys party. 

I found this giant baloon at Michaels for $7.99 and used a 60% off coupon... 
I had our local grocery store blow it up...such a hit with the birthday boy!

The train invites...all art work was done by the birthday boy!

Table easy!

Thankful the grocery store had the perfect colors to go with the color scheme:)

Finger jell-o is a kids party staple at our house.

Party favor bags.

...and the contents. 
Emmerich's favorites...slinky, animal crackers and lollipops!

Opening presents to end the night!

And of course a family photo:)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Christmas Is Coming!

I love the few short weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas when it is so festive and everything is decorated! Below is a snapshot of our Christmas decor. The only thing missing is a Christmas wreath...I am heading to my annual wreath making party this week so after that our decor will be complete. Check out the pics from last years party here . xoxo

Table decor...Flower bowls by the talented local artists Ed and Kate Coleman.

I always love decorating our front is the first thing people see so it is nice to have it festive.
I loved making these planter arrangements this year!

I saw this saying on the Letterfolk instagram page and I couldn't  resist!

The kids collected all of these gorgeous pine cones for me:)

Love this sparkly little vignette.

My daughter really wanted to go all glittery this year so we 
put on glitter snowflakes and crystals!

German Nativity scene.

Thanksgiving Decor

We hosted Thanksgiving again this year and I couldn't have been more excited. I love all the grocery list making, decor hunting and then getting the house all ready for the big day. Here are a few photos of the centerpiece etc. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! xoxo

Last year I started my colored cabbage hunt too late so this year I was on it. 
I really wanted it for my centerpiece!

The antlers were a Christmas gift from my brother a few years ago.
 They were from a buck he shot while hunting.

I made these kraft paper chargers as place cards... 
making the use of my china dishes a little less formal.

Our appetizers...always love a good cheese board from Trader Joe's.
And bringing the black and white buffalo plaid in from the table. 

Escher Carlton

Our precious baby boy arrived on September 20th. We couldn't be more over the moon to have him as part of our family. He may be the reason I haven't posted anything in a while😉...xoxo

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Baby #3's Room

We've got just over 3 weeks to go before we meet our baby more time to dilly daly I had to get his room done stat! I've had most everything for a while but I finally got it all organized and where it needed to be! After using the same adorable bedding from Land of Nod with the first 2 babies I need to switch things up for baby #3. (to see Evangeline's nursery click here) I went with the new Cloud Island sheets etc from Target...I had known I was going to do black and white all along so when I saw these I was sold. Ben is hoping I add a pop of color but so far I haven't found anything I am wanting to add so it is a pretty simple black and white room.

Here are some photos...enjoy! xoxo

Love these fun Minneapolis/St.Paul prints I got when Evangeline was born...check out her nursery here!

The cute pendants are from my baby shower.

Since the other kids are using the dresser and 2 closets in this room baby boy will use these 
black cloth boxes for his things.

Love these prints I found on Etsy!