Saturday, April 21, 2018

3rd Annual Clothing Swap

This morning my girlfriend and I hosted our 3rd annual clothing swap! Here are the photos and frills from the morning. We were so thankful for a gorgeous morning. (For past swaps click here and here.) And if you'd like to host a swap of your own you can check out this one I did a few years ago for a how to guide. xoxo
Nora and I, ready for our guests! 

The brunch table along with coffee and mimosas! We had each lady bring a brunch snack to share.

Of course I only bough La Croix that matched the party decor!

After 2 previous swaps with people thinking it was a yard sale 
we decided it was time for a sign...haha!

Nora made these cute signs for our first swap and we've used them every swap since.

Bags ready for the ladies to put their treasures in.

Nora hand stamped them all:)

Some of the ladies swapping.

No party is complete with out party favors...we did little wildflower seed packets.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Our New Art Corner

The kids LOVE to do arts and crafts...pretty much every day! So it is nice to have a new little nook in our house to do this instead of constantly setting up and taking down the supplies from the kitchen table. We took down our tent that used to be here and put that in storage for a bit while we try this new art corner. (Tent pics here)

The new hanging decorations came from a friend who made a giant art instillation for our church Easter backdrop. I was one of the lucky ones who got a piece of it when they took it down. I even had extras to make a spring wreath for our front porch! Enjoy the pics...xoxo

New favorite corner in the house.

I added a few yellow streamers to match our house decor.

The gorgeous installation at our church on Easter Sunday!

The love spending time here!

I made this with the leftovers I had.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A Very Colorful Easter

Our Easter decor was so colorful and springy this year! I couldn't decide on a color scheme so I just used all the colors..haha! Enjoy the photos...xoxo.

The candy/dessert bar.

Carrot Cake! My daughter helped me make these pipe cleaner bunny ears to decorate the cake.

A very springy Easter cocktail. 
I just put sorbet in champagne and it was delicious and very colorful.

Easter dinner decor.

Loved these beautiful eggs the kids decorated and the grass I planted in these little pots just over a week grows so fast and is an inexpensive decor idea!

And so delicious! Ham, Bacon wrapped asparagus, roasted carrots, rolls and cheesy potatoes!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Updated Master Bedroom

Per usual the master bedroom was the only room we didn't paint or really decorate when we moved in a year and a half ago...the kids rooms and living room were our first priority so it was time for a re-do! We don't have a headboard so I had decided I was going to paint something fun on the wall behind our bed. I started by painting the whole room the Agreeable Grey from Sherwin Williams that the rest of the house is in. I ended up doing a very very dark grey behind our bed for a head board look (I used Sherwin Williams Iron Ore). I had some white bedding from our guest room in our other house that had been in the shed so I pulled that out and found a few more black and white accents from around the house to change the look of the bedroom. It feels so good to have this new look and it was so cheap! I just bought a bucket of paint and did it all in a weekend! Here are the pics...enjoy! xoxo (And for pics of our old Master Bedroom click here.)

I made this new XO art for over our bed. Super simple and easy.

I also added some more art to this wall that I made at an encaustic workshop.

Loving the fresh feel! xoxo

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Unicorn 5th Birthday Party!

Last weekend we celebrated our daughters 5th birthday! Of course she wanted the popular unicorns, hearts and rainbows theme! It was so much fun planning this party with her...I think she is following in my footsteps:) Here are pictures of what we did. xoxo
She was one happy birthday girl!

I made this giant unicorn backdrop to match the party invitations!

The party invites!

Of course we had to have a unicorn cake...I just bought the rainbow cake in the bakery section 
at the grocery store and then add the unicorn horn to it that I made. Cheap and easy!

Rainbow fruit tray!

We spray painted the popcorn pink with spray food coloring and added a few 
heart candy gummies to make it more magical then just popcorn! 

PB&J heart sandwiches!

She wrote everyone's name herself on the unicorn party bags! 

Activity party table...candy necklaces, unicorn tattoos and unicorn masks to color.

The activity table was a big hit!

What's more fun then candy necklaces?

Such a fun party to plan! xoxo

Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy 5th Birthday Evangeline!

Happy Birthday to a sweet girl who made me a mommy 5 years ago! 
Time sure flies by are a few pics from our morning birthday celebration! xoxo

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Breakfast 2018

We had our annual Valentine's breakfast before leaving for work and school...
the kids look forward to this for days:) Here are a few pics...xoxo!

The kids spots...yogurt, treats, hot chocolate and juice. #sugaroverload

A large box of chocolates for Mommy:)

Loved filling the table with all of the Valentine's we've gotten and made.

Heart marshmallows for the hot chocolate!

Heart shaped french toast and sausage.

Evangeline was excited to find her to the baby!

Emmerich was excited about the yogurt and hot chocolate...his 2 favorites!

...and baby Escher loved the bright red/crinkly heart box of chocolates!

Trying to get the last few days out of my Christmas wreath:) #addahearttoit

The kids made these Valentine's crowns yesterday!

Blogging for you this morning while enjoying those chocolates! 
How many can I eat...?

Hope you have a great Valentine's Day! xoxo