Friday, April 27, 2012

Favorite Four

This morning Ben and I are heading out for a long weekend of 'glamping' (i.e. glamorous camping) with friends to Charlottesville, Virginia. I say glamping because we stay in a fancy to come next week. We took the same trip last fall and it was so beautiful that we couldn't help ourselves to not go back. With the vineyards, downtown Charlottesville, the activities at the resort and it being only a 4 hour drive it makes the perfect getaway.

My favorite four this week (clockwise from the top left) 1-One of our daily routines is going to the dog park with Berlin...the best is when the sailing classes are out on the river. Besides it just being beautiful to watch I used to be a sailing instructor and it brings back those fun memories. 2-I don't usually buy from the J.Crew catalogue but I still love looking at it. Their latest one made me smile...I liked the bright color and quote on the cover. 3-One of our favorite features of our loft is the courtyard we share with our neighbors. On warm nights Ben and I love taking dinner out there...Sunday was one of those times. 4-Being at the farm market was a day with the girls...these were my favorite find...I now have them planted, in pots, all over my house. Have a great weekend...xoxo!

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