Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY Desk

While thrift store shopping last spring I came across this long sofa table. It had definitely seen better days but it was sturdy and had some impressive detail. I knew if I just gave it a little love and a fresh coat of paint it would be as good as new. So my friend helped me carry the table the 2 blocks to my house...I am sure we looked pretty funny going down the busy street carrying furniture...but fun memory:) I then headed to the hardware store to check out the paint swatches. I knew I wanted something that wasn't traditional, like the piece, and I found this perfect 'Cosmic Berry' purple color. I came home, did a little sanding, painted 2 coats and by dinner time I had a new desk! xoxo
Finding the treasure in the thrift store.
Picking out the perfect color.
Painting at home...not to worry...I had all 12 windows in our loft open:)
My desk set up and ready to use. 
Love all the intricate detail.