Thursday, April 5, 2012

Grass Pots

Every spring I love growing grass in pots to put around the house. It makes the house feel springy and it was something my mom would always do that I loved. I usually make them in pots that don't have holes in the bottom so they don't last more then a few weeks but they are so fun while they last.

Here are the steps I take to make my grass pots...happy planting! xoxo

Materials: Soil, grass seed, tin foil, pots.

The pots filled with soil. (I line my tin pots with tin foil because I find that they leak when I water the grass.)

After putting the seed in the soil I water them and put them in my window for maximum sun light. only took a week to get this out of control!

When they get crazy like this it is a fun look but I usually cut them down a bit.

The groomed pots.

Ideas for Easter decorating with my eggs...!?!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Esp here were we have awhile til the grass will be green!