Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Brunch and Egg Decorating

On Saturday I had a few girls over for Easter egg decorating and since it was my girlfriend's birthday I decided to have a birthday brunch beforehand. The brunch consisted of raspberry french toast, bacon, oranges and mimosas for celebrating. With the table decor, I am not usually one for a plastic table cloth but since we were doing the egg decorating afterward (on the same table) I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. The hot pink table cloth created a nice pop of color for the brunch.

Here are a few pics from the morning...have a great Tuesday! xoxo

Brunch...the oranges looked much prettier unpeeled so I made the girls do a little work if they actually wanted to eat them...ha.

Orange juice, champagne, raspberries, whip cream...yum!

The egg decorating materials: boiled eggs, dye kits, sharpies, glitter, egg cartons to bring home the eggs, and a little Martha Stewart for inspiration.

Dying the eggs...we added vinegar to the store bought kit to make the colors more vibrant.

A few of the finished eggs.

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