Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little Chairs

I have been looking for an art piece for the large open space above our closet and always thought I would find a big old sign of some sort. While I was at the flea market on Saturday I was looking for 'the' sign when I came across these bright little chairs. Thinking I surely couldn't buy them since we don't have kids I passed by them. Then it dawned on me that they would be perfect for the space above our closet. So I bought them! Sunday Ben and I hung them and I love how it turned out and the color it adds to the wall. Here is what we did...

What we used; the chairs, a level, a drill and giant bike hooks.

Measuring where I wanted Ben to drill the holes for the hooks. And Berlin, my trusty sidekick.

The hooks in the wall and Ben hanging up the chairs.

Before and after.

The finished 'art'.


  1. I love them! You are one clever lady.

  2. soo creative and it looks great!

  3. Very fun! You and Ben & Berlin come up with the greatest ideas...