Monday, April 23, 2012

Farm Market

Happy Monday! It was a restful weekend here, thanks to a rainy that! On Saturday two of my girlfriends and I headed out to the middle of no where in New Jersey to the amazing Platt's Farm Market. It was a pink house with many bright flowers which looked like that was about it from the street but once you drove in you could see it was much much more then that. With 35+ greenhouses filled with beautiful flowers, fields of shrubbery and anything you could want in the way of lawn was a tremendous experience to say the least. Living in a loft with no personal outdoor space I was limited to my buying but had an incredible time taking pictures of way to many plants while my friends stocked up. For your sake here are only a few of the pictures from the morning...xoxo.
The pink house and some of the greenhouses.
So many flowers to choose from!
This was dubbed the 'Misc Magenta' plant.
A few of them close up.
Hanging plants anyone?
Pulling our cart through a short cut and our over flowing cart.

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