Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Last week I was introduced to Society6... a great site with thousands of art prints, iPhone cases, framed art prints, t-shirts, stretched canvases, hoodies, and laptop skins. The instant I clicked on the site I knew I would be hooked. There is so much unique art that once you start looking through all of them you will have a hard time stopping.

Here are some of my favorites...and the best part is if you like them enough you can get them as art prints or on a shirt as well! Check them out.

Line 1: Chevron 006, I Remember Summer, Vertex
Line 2: Retro Phone, bokeh-ful, let's run away
Line 3: rain rain never go away, she followed her heart, Lake Tahoe Jewels
Line 4: snow spoon & cherry, Typographic Minnesota, Classical Yellow Bicycle

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