Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Broccoli Cheese Soup

Cooking is something I have really started enjoying in the last few years. I think it helped getting married and having my own appliances and kitchen. I love trying new recipes so when my neighbor sent out an Evite for a 'Soup Swap' I was in. Of course I needed to use this opportunity to try a new soup recipe.

I decided to check out the Pioneer Woman blog for a good soup recipe. I haven't really picked up on the whole Pioneer Woman craze, but I had heard so many good things I thought I would give it a shot. While searching her recipes I came across this Broccoli Cheese Soup and I knew my search was sounded too delicious!

After deciding the most important thing, what I was going to make, I turned up my music (a key component to cooking...I ended up with a mix of Norah Jones and Ryan Adams for this low key night) and started chopping and sauteing. I have posted a few pics of my process but you can see a great step by step photo guide on the Pioneer Woman blog.

If you are up for a good soup recipe for these last few weeks of winter I would definitely recommend this one. I will save the actual 'Swap' details until I have experienced it next week, keep an eye out for that post with details in case you would like to host a 'Swap' of your own.

I followed the recipe except swapping chicken broth with vegetable broth so that it could be vegetarian since it is a large crowd and I wanted to be able to accommodate everyone.

Lots of chopping...for how to chop an onion check out my friend Haley's blog Don't Eat The Paintings

Letting it simmer.

Adding cheese...I used Sharp Cheddar and Colby Jack.

Blending with my immersion of my favorite nice not having to transfer to a blender and then back to the pot.

All blended and ready to be frozen until the 'Swap'.

The Broccoli Cheese Soup ready to eat...yum!!!

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