Thursday, February 2, 2012

Daily Routine

Hope everyone is having a good week...mine has been so crazy with the move and trying to unpack but I want to get settled so I am working on the house any chance I can get. Can't wait to show you pictures! Today I am posting about some of the products I use on a daily basis ( in case you were interested...haha:) I am a nanny most of my week so my routine is pretty simple.

Some of my favorite daily products.

For the face I am a fan of Oil of Olay...Toner, Daily Complete Moisturizer with SPF (of course), and for the night I use the Firming Cream.

For my lips I use Lip Smackers everyday...since Jr. High! For a gloss I am really liking Mentha Lip Tint from Bath and Body Works. At night I always use a little old fashioned Vaseline (my mom's routine ever since I can remember:)

For my body I love the smell of Sleep (Lavendar & Vanilla) by Bath and Body I use their body wash and lotion.

For makeup I love going all out with eyeshadow etc but on a daily basis I just do mascara, have been a fan of Maybelline's Great Lash forever, and Maybelline's Cover Stick for those little red spots.

For my hair I always have an elastic on hand for those moments I just need a pony tail. I usually use Goody's Ouchless elastics. And if I actually decide to fix my hair I finish it off with TRESemme's Super Hold Hair Spray.

I usually finish off my routine with a little spray of Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker.

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  1. So glad you like the lip has been my fav for almost 2 years!