Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ash Wednesday Shopping Spree

Ok, so this is what happened. On Fat Tuesday, Ben kept telling me to “go crazy because tomorrow Lent starts and we will be giving something up.” I did not know what I was giving up yet and didn't really think too much about it. The Spirit of New Orleans must have moved me because it came to me that I should give up my little sale shopping addiction—if you can even call it that. It is something that takes up time and money I could be spending elsewhere.

I frequent Target, H&M, Forever 21 etc. on a regular basis—don’t judge I grew up in the suburbs, so I usually see when things are on sale and just wait until then to buy. So yesterday morning when I figured out that I would give this up I had a little freak out. I didn’t know my last time shopping would be my last for the next 40 days! Ben and I agreed we would start our Lenten fast after the Ash Wednesday service last night.

So I went to my favorite shopping area in Rittenhouse Square and hit up my usual haunts: H&M, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Paper Source. Later in the day I managed to make it to the mall to pop in Forever 21—one of my absolute favorites. I seriously wiped myself out going to all of these places in one day. It’s an addiction I think I can live without for the next 40 days.

Ok, ok, so this is what I ended up with…xoxo

Charming Charlie: (I used a gift card here:) Gold Bracelet ($7.97), Sunglasses ($9.97), Glasses Case ($9.97)
Urban Outfitters: Boots (were on super sale for only $19.99!)
Forever 21: Flats ($16.80)
H&M: Purse ($17.95), Orange clutch ($4.95), Stripe clutch ($4.95)
Target: Sally Hansen Polish in Mighty Mango ($1.97)


  1. You crack me up! Love the boots and the striped clutch.

  2. Couldn't stop laughing here! What a fun way to go out with a bang! Great finds too! That is what I don't like about N. MN and living in the woods. It is harder to find sales! -Steph