Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pinterest Potluck

On Friday I attended a Pinterest Potluck...here was the invite for the night...

Hi Ladies!

Time to check those Pinterest Food & Drink boards once again! Please join our ongoing Pinterest Potluck Soiree... just bring your lovely self along with your choice of any favorite Pinterest recipe! 
Most of the gals on this evite own a business and/ or blog... so bring your biz cards, ideas and general zest for life. I'll provide a specialty cocktail (from my board) & wine. Feel free to bring anything else to drink, but definitely bring a sweet or savory dish! 

And a few pictures from the night. xoxo

Crab Rangoon by Lindsay.

Banana Cream Pie by Haley.

Brie and Apple Tarte by Brigette our lovely hostess.

Some fun Pinterest decor.

Sibyl proudly stating she cheated by buying delicious cupcakes from Brown Betty's.

A few of us around the table.

After dinner drinks.

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