Friday, May 11, 2012

Favorite Four

After shopping Brimfield this morning my mom and I are heading to Boston for the weekend. I love that beautiful city and am looking forward to going there with my mom. Hope you all have a great weekend...and to you moms out there...Happy Mother's Day!

Favorite four this week (clockwise from top left)...1-getting my favorite summer treat in our neighborhood, birthday cake ice cream with rainbow sprinkles at the Scoops window. 2-I have always loved this saying and now you can get it framed at Target for only $14.99...I'm thinking I can whip up my own version of this so you can be looking for a DIY post in the future. 3-I had brunch with the girls 2x this weekend...such a treat. 4-Oh my the Black Keys! Love love loving their music these days and figured I needed to buy the album for our road trip to and from Massachusetts.

1 comment:

  1. WOW! Friday huh! What a week! Have a great time with your mom! Hope I can visit you sometime, so we can have a girls shopping weekend!