Thursday, March 1, 2012

MN Via My Smartphone

The last 5 days I was home in MN for my Grandpa's thankful for the time I was able to have there with family. Here is my trip according to my smartphone's pics. (starting at the top...)

1) A little tea, music and reading on the plane before the family time began.
2) First thing off the plane, brunch with my mom, sister and old of the sweetest times of the whole trip.
3) Dinner with family and malts and fries in all of the Twin Cities (personal opinion).
4) Being at my parent's house in the snow surrounded by trees and always a fireplace or two going.
5) Minneapolis looking beautiful as always.
6) A night out with my brother...our favorite pizza joint and then the Oscars.
7) Staying at the Kahler Grand Hotel on the grounds of the world famous Mayo Clinic.
8) Going through Grandma's jewelry and finding some fun broaches.


  1. Love that I was part of #2! :) Still can't believe how beautiful you looked after 3 hours of sleep right off the plane!

    1. Haha..thanks was so good to see you!