Friday, March 2, 2012

Favorite Four

Well it has been an unusual/exhausting/wonderful week...making me so thankful for the weekend. Only one dinner party on the agenda, otherwise I am planning on getting LOTS of sleep the next 2 days. Here are my four favorite things from this week...(clockwise from top left) 1) Flying...ever since I can remember I get excited at just the thought of going somewhere in an airplane. 2) Caribou Coffee = getting to sit and chat face to face with a BFF. I try to savor these times that happen all to infrequently. 3) Getting Martha Stewart Weddings in the mail (probably my all time favorite magazine) is only published 4x a year so every time I get it I might get a little too excited. 4) Being back in Philadelphia with my boys.

Hope it is a restful weekend for you..xoxo.

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