Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jewelry Drawer

I love having a clean and organized home...however when it comes to my jewelry drawer I seem to never have it quite together. Having a messy jewelry drawer means I will just wear the same few pieces of jewelry over and over again since I can't see what is going on inside the drawer. So a few weekends ago I thought I would conquer this daunting task. The Downton Abbey marathon was on PBS so what better time to sit myself and jewelry drawer down in front of the tube and start working. Here is how it went...happy organizing to you...xoxo!

The problem.

Starting to organize.

So many little bags.

A few of my brooches.

I guess you can tell Patina is my favorite...sadly it is only in Minnesota so I don't get there too often.

The finished drawers...

Yeah for organization!

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