Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Kid's Room

This week I'm sharing the kid's room. We have an extra room but with all of the visitors we get we like having a guest room. So that leaves a baby boy and toddler girl sharing a room. I was excited for the challenge. Since we have a small house with no extra space for toys their room is also the play room so I decided to get our toddler a bed that holds a crib size mattress so it wouldn't take up so much space. Also I had sheets from Land of Nod that were from Evangeline's nursery that fit the mattress and that way the kids could have coordinating bedding. If you'd like to see our nursery photos from our loft in Philly click here. Below are a few photos of their 'adventure' themed shared room...enjoy xoxo.

I bought these little chairs at a flea market years ago before we even had kids...they are my favorite!

Her play kitchen fits perfectly against the back of the crib.

Our storage solution for the space...a metal shelf with 6 Ikea boxes for toys and other storage needs.

The reading nook. I'm a sucker for this knock off Eames rocker

The changing station. I replaced the knobs on this Ikea dresser with some fun ones I found in the Anthropologie sale section:)

Emmerich's crib...with a beautiful blanket made by a dear friend.

And the art work above his bed.

Evangeline's Toddler Bed.

And her art work.

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  1. This should be on Houzz! Come plan my rooms please! Lovely. Oma