Saturday, October 31, 2015

Burlap Wreath

Last weekend we had a fun family weekend at Lake James in North Carolina. It was a relaxed weekend of boating, lots of eating, sitting by the fire and the kids played with their cousins non stop...perfect fall getaway! Of course the girls wanted a little craft to do so my sister-in-law suggested a burlap wreath. My front door was lacking some pizazz so I thought this was a great idea.  We had seen a few different ideas on Pinterest and we kind of mixed them all together to make the best one for us. Here is a little tutorial of what we made. It didn't take more then an hour. Enjoy xoxo!

The supplies: Foam wreath (I used 12"), Scissors, Pins (floral pins work better), measuring tape, and burlap ribbon (6" worked well) about 10 yards.

After cutting the ribbon into squares (mine were 6" squares) fold them...first connect the opposite corners and then bring the bottom corner up and place a pin up through the 3 corners and then fold the 4th corner in and onto the pin. I know this sounds a little confusing but hope the pictures help.

Once you have the pin through all 4 corners push it into the foam wreath...I staggered mine so it would cover the foam well.

The second wreath I made I first covered the foam with a layer of burlap ribbon by just wrapping  it and pinning it whenever I felt it needed it. This way it looked a little more professional if there were any gaps in my burlap poufs you couldn't tell.

The finished product!

I found these fun little chalk tags at the craft store so I wrote on them with a chalk marker. I figured I can switch it up for any time of year:)

And here is the wreath on my door with the little chalk tag.

Happy crafting!

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