Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Birthday Cake

While planning Evangeline's 1st birthday party I knew I wanted to make her birthday cake but didn't want to decorate with frosting so I thought I would go about it another way, colored cake layers and mini tassels! I had done the layering before with chocolate cake and strawberry short cake but never with colors. I wanted bright colors to go along with the party theme and found this box mix with bright food coloring included! It was a tie-dye kit but I just used the colors individually instead of mixing them.

I made the cake a few days before, luckily since my first attempt was disastrous (see below). I did it again lining the bottom of the pans with parchment paper and it worked much better! I knew I wanted lots of layers so I just used 2 cake mixes and made the layers really thin in the pan. If you do this remember to bake them less time then it says on the box so they don't burn.

Since I made the cake a few days before I froze them so they would stay fresh. The night before the party I made the frosting and assembled the was much easier to frost the cake when it was frozen. Then I left the cake out over night so it would be the perfect temperature for the party.

I made a mini cake with ramekins so that E could have a matching mini cake all to herself. I also made mini tassels for the cake topper...I will do a tassel tutorial next week and party pics in another week or 2.

Hope this all makes sense if you wanted to make one for yourself. I was so into party planning I forgot to take pics of all my prep so sorry for less photos and more words.  Have a great rest of your week! xoxo

Both the cakes.

I found this cake mix at Target.

Making the colorful layers.

My first attempt at making the layers...I added parchment paper the second time around.

Playing with the color arrangements.

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