Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sofa Search

With our move next week we have decided to get rid of our hand-me-down sofas and get a new one with some Christmas money. We were hoping to get a grey sofa for under a $1000...not the easiest task. The front runner is the Urban Outfitters Ava Tufted Sleeper Sofa in Charcoal but it is on pre-order until April! I don't think we will be able to live without seating for 3 months. So we are looking into one of these other great options. See sofa details below.

1) Urban Outfitters Ava Tufted Sleeper Sofa $699 2) Rockford Sofa $999 3) Benny Sofa $999 4)Adams Sofa $999 5)KARLSTAD Loveseat and Chaise Lounge $978

1 comment:

  1. I vote for the Rockford or Benny sofa!
    Really fun.